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Linode is one of the leading independent Linux virtual private server companies. Over 400,000 customers ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups and individuals use the company’s scalable cloud infrastructure to host websites and deploy web applications. As Linode's lead technical writer, I directed and managed all of the company's documentation efforts.

"Matt's work product is excellent."


When I started working for Linode in January 2012, the company had some significant problems with its customer-facing documentation. Many of the guides were written in a style that was difficult to read, and there was very little in the way of process-oriented documentation. As a result, support personnel were responding to thousands of questions that could have been addressed with the right documentation.



To resolve those issues and others, I recommended that the company overhaul the Linode Library by simplifying and revising the existing guides. I also suggested producing new guides in three new categories:

  • Quick start guides to provide entry-level readers with an actionable starting point
  • Linode platform guides to document the company's custom control panel and platform
  • Reference guides to provide in-depth instructions on advanced topics


The response was immediate and extremely positive. Casey Smith, Linode's Vice President, called the work "excellent." Traffic to the Linode Library has increased, and new customers frequently cite Linode's documentation as a reason for signing up.

Matt’s work product is excellent. The guides he has fostered over the past year have been of high quality. He effectively articulated his vision for the new Linode Library by putting forth the idea of growing market share through educating future customers and making it easy for them to try Linode. Not only did Matt outline a clearly supported vision... [he] also outlined a plan to implement the projects that will support the vision.
— Casey Smith, Linode Vice President

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